The lone continent and setting for the campaign.

Contains nine major countries, containing many more cultures and minor nations. Home to seven man-made (humanoid made) wonders. Essential info for these nations and wonders is listed below.


Anugan: Unique joint-monarchy of High Elves and Men. Ruler is currently a Half-Elf Prince with Human Queen mother and Elf King father. Rival of the Carain and Sylvania nations and Traore. Strong but have few allies (calls upon southern Wood Elves & dwelvenbelt dwarves when distressed).

Carain and Sylvania: Humans & Wood Elves. Formerly known only as Bal-Peresh, a land of loosely affiliated nobles that originated as colonies which had peacefully seceded from ally Traore. Much of that original land is now a feudal human monarchy, under the new king Content Not Found: Baltrum_. A small resource-rich portion of land, connected only by coastline, is ruled under the name Sylvania by an elven king, _Content Not Found: Vinhir. These human and elf lands are allied and recognized as one nation in all matters of international treaties and trade. Internal matters are dealt with independently of each other. Capital is at Cal-carain.

Domil: Hill Dwarves. Mighty city-state. Assembly rules hilly region to the east of the Hammerbelt. Typically neutral in feuds between human/elf/dwarf lands, therefore a major player in world politics, often seen as representatives of all dwarves (at least by non-dwarf folk). Most stable/trustworthy kingdom among surface dwellers. Helped build HAMMER ROAD to connect Mountain Dwarf cities to Nation’s Pass, helped build Anu-Domil road.

Iri-Un: High Elves. Mysterious, magical island off north-west coast. Avoid trade, despite proximity to humans and gnomes. Mystical beasts said to inhabit the island. No known ruler.

Kamlekh: Humans. City-state Theocracy controls peninsula. Temples at Sola & Luna and Holy Council in capital. Pilgrims travel the Sky Road, which is also a Great Wall against invasion from old foes (Goblinoids, later Pelteshi).

Narberigar: Hill Dwarves and Mountain Dwarves. New nation, formerly part of Bal-Peresh. Stretches from the Dwelvenbelt to the northern prairies between Carain and Sylvania. Seat of government is the home of the ruling family (currently Haggerhold of the Redbeards), which is chosen every three generations.

Peltesh: Humans. “River folk”, Agricultural & military. Monarchy w/ powerful generals. Subdued land from chaotic goblinoid races w/ help from dwarves. Fort Alliance is capital, trade center, military academy.

Traore: Humans. High culture. Accepting of halflings & gnomes. Only nation widely accepting of arcane magic – with restrictions, of course. Monarchy w/ representatives to the Royal City from each major city/region.

Uguroperesh: Orcs. Part of the Bal-Peresh region, once conquered by Traore men and Mountain Dwarves, now reclaimed. Formerly considered part of Bal-Peresh, which is now more of a regional moniker. Upon the signing of the Midlands Pact, Battle Bay became the capital of the lands surrounding, with Content Not Found: Numhug as the King-Chief.


Southern Forest: Wood Elves. Situational ally of Anugan. Loose bands are mobile, stay in a settlement for one generation or less. Expert rangers, explore and learn many secrets of the Great Wood.

TEMPLE OF THE SKY: A great wall connecting two ornate temples at Sola and Luna. The entrance to the Kamlekh peninsula.
HAMMER ROAD: Tunnel road system built by dwarves to connect east & west, connects major dwarf cities.
LOST CITY: Relic of the Orc Age, formerly inhabited by many thousands, maybe millions of Orcs. Ruined and lost. Rumored to be underground somewhere in Bal-Peresh or Battle Bay.
UNIVERSITAE ROYALE: Arcane library in Traore City where mages from all over Peresh study. The only official institution of arcane learning endorsed by any kingdom of Peresh.
THE GREAT ROAD: Highway system connecting Anu, Domil, & Peltesh through South Pass.
TOWER OF ANU: Ornate architecture combines the best of men & elves. Center of and symbol of egalitarianism.
FACE OF MORADIN: Legendary mountain sculpture, revered and protected by Hammerfolk. Said to be built over Forge of Creation in the Hammerbelt.


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