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The wiki hosts all of the background information for this campaign. Links to major pages will be listed here for easy access. If there is something that players need quick access to let me (Mark) know and I can link to it here!

Start here. Main hub for place info on the continent. As the world is explored, more will be added and linked.

The main hub for all myth and lore. Will start small, but grow as we play on and discover more about the land, its peoples, and their stories and beliefs.

A vital part of any fantasy campaign setting, here’s the rundown of the races of Peresh. It will give you a taste of the lore of the land, as well as some roleplaying ideas. Dwarf, High Elf, and Wood Elf posted. More coming soon!

A quick reference of people that are important or have been met in Peresh. Major NPCs are linked to on the Characters tab.

Groups and Organizations
Contain info regarding organizations and groups in Peresh. Important individuals in these organizations will often have entries on the Characters tab.

Info on current, past, and even prospective quests.

Want to be as random as a d20 go here.

Main Page

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