Lake Overbelt

[Deceased] Prominent assembly member in Domil. Played both sides of the struggle with Iron Crown cult before their defeat.


Deceased. Defeated by the party in the Arena of Domil in an honor battle. He had chosen a Hydra as his co-champion, arguing that it compensated for the fact he had to battle multiple seasoned warriors.

A charismatic dwarf. He is known around the Keep and Domil for being capable at most things that he tries, but especially negotiation and diplomacy. He lived under the shadow of his father, the famed trader and pioneer guide, Doatum Overbelt, until his father’s demise in the attack of the Chaos Horde.

The characters know that Lake betrayed his father, helping rally the monster horde in the Caves of Chaos to take down Doatum. Along the way, he aligned himself with the cult of the Iron Crown, although apparently not as a member. The deal with the cult appeared to be a mercenary deal as part of Lake’s greater horde plans. The characters aren’t sure of the full extent of the Lake’s scheme, however – because they were overwhelmed, killed, and zombified by the cult while Lake escaped.

Thirty years after that event, Lake is a voting Assembly member. It was a fast rise to prominence over the last 20 years in Domil. He has been involved in mutually beneficial trade deals with the new power east of the Dwelvenbelt, the nation of Anu. He was recently honored as a signer at the treaty renewal with the elves of the Great Wood, a symbolic event occurring every 100 years.

Like any Assembly member, Lake is wealthy, well connected, and influential in the city-state and beyond – but especially so within the city itself.

Lake Overbelt

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