Doatum Overbelt

Duke of the Wilds


A well-groomed middle-aged male dwarf. As is customary for merchant lords, he is usually dressed in a practical, clean tunic in dark colors or patterns like black, charcoal, or brown, which he accents with brighter colors. He has brown hair and beard, well brushed. When conducting official business, he wears a silver signet ring and a thin silver circlet, enlaid with four polished rubies. He otherwise eschews jewelry unless he thinks it will improve rapport with his business partners.


Doatum is a merchant lord who inhabits The Keep, a small hold a couple days travel west of Ardaem. As such, he has overseen the departure (and occasional return) of countless travelers seeking new life or adventure on the frontier. This has earned him the moniker “the Duke of the Wilds”.

In his younger days, he made a small fortune as a guide and supplier to pioneer caravans. This has afforded him some “adventuring” experience, but Doatum is by no means a grizzled veteran. An only child, he apprenticed with his father, a shopkeep, until he came of age and chose his profession.

His elderly parents live in a wing of his residence. His three children are adult age. His eldest daughter, Vale, is married to an assemblyman in Domil. His middle child, an unmarried daughter called Maple, is an up-and-coming merchant of Ardaem in her own right. His youngest, a recently come-of-age son named Lake Overbelt, is best described as pugnacious, precocious, and like-able.

Doatum Overbelt

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