• Aulolas Undoeth 'The Associate'

    Aulolas Undoeth 'The Associate'

    Secretive fire mage. Sent by church of Pelor to assist the Exile Adventuring Company.
  • Darius Morgen

    Darius Morgen

    Adopted son of Xandir. 1/4 orc. Bard.
  • Isabella Nighthollow

    Isabella Nighthollow

    Half elf cleric from a prominent merchant family.
  • Mordant Grimgnaw

    Mordant Grimgnaw

    Elf monk. Servant of the elven goddess of death.
  • Omnath


    The Savage. A soldier-turned-berserker, known to Mordant as the foretold "Bringer of Death".
  • Skiff Tattersail

    Skiff Tattersail

    Halfling Ranger. Self-described wildlands rogue and skilled charlatan.
  • Äden


    Female elf wizard.
  • Aeric


    Blackguard paladin. Lesser noble from Domil
  • Bolo Humdeep

    Bolo Humdeep

    Paladin of Bahamut. Protector of the Houses of the Holy. Dwarf in shiny armor.
  • Calaf


    The Pious. Lord of Cal-Carain
  • Daelan Dawnlord

    Daelan Dawnlord

    Wood Elf. Twin brother of Mordant. Druid.
  • Doatum Overbelt

    Doatum Overbelt

    Duke of the Wilds
  • King Baltrum I

    King Baltrum I

    First King of Carain
  • Lake Overbelt

    Lake Overbelt

    [Deceased] Prominent assembly member in Domil. Played both sides of the struggle with Iron Crown cult before their defeat.
  • Rasmus Shalebane

    Rasmus Shalebane

    Captain of the Guard at the Keep
  • Romulus Magebane

    Romulus Magebane

    Halfling Rogue/Chef. Hates wizards.
  • Sydokan


    Human Cleric of Pelor. Dubbed "Lightbringer" by Doatum.
  • Vale Stoneroot

    Vale Stoneroot

    [Deceased] Wife of Gavin Stoneroot. Murdered by Xandir in his spree of vengeance.
  • Xandir Morgen

    Xandir Morgen

    Former party member. Presumed dead. Secretly sentenced by the Assembly for his murderous spree in the days of Lake Overbelt's downfall.