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Into the Caves

Doatum Overbelt hired Sy, from the Ardaem chapter of the Order of the Sun (a Pelor-worshipping sect which trains battle-ready clerics and paladins), as combat medic and spiritual leader for the settling of more of the wilds, which would expand Overbelt’s territory.

Rasmus interrupted the commissioning by bursting in, covered in blood. He had returned in a hurry from a reconnaissance foray into the nearby Caves of Chaos (a normally inconsequential place, the caves are deep, winding, ever-changing, and have nothing of value within). Lake Overbelt had insisted on going on the mission with Raz, and is now missing.

Raz recounts a battle in the dark, and he was the only one to come out of the caves alive. Doatum sends Sy and his “bodyguards” to bring back his son or proof of his son’s fate.

The party chose a cave at random, dispatching the goblins within and their ogre hireling. The group found a group of frightened goblin females and their children, and Sy chose to spare them, hoping that they might come to the Light. They have found no sign of Lake Overbelt. They wonder at the meaning of goblin and ogre inhabitants in the Caves.


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